10 Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

10 Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

1. Unclog a stuck drain with coffee.

Fresh coffee grounds ready to be brewed for morning jolt of caffeine

Whether your kitchen sink is holding water or your tub won't drain after another at-home haircut, there's an easy solution to those plumbing woes that don't involve a trip to the store.

"Coffee grounds can be mixed with dish soap and boiling water to unclog drains," says Alex Azoury, founder and CEO of Home Grounds. Azoury recommends mixing the grounds with soap and adding the mixture into your drain, following it up with a lengthy pour of boiling water, the combination of which will break up whatever's clogging your pipes. But before you make a costly error, make sure you know these 21 Ways You're Damaging Your Home, According to Your Plumber.

2. Use coffee grounds as a degreaser.

full bath tub

Have some leftover coffee grounds after your morning pour-over? Use them to tackle that ring around the tub.

"Rub some coffee grounds into the grease or soap and it'll gently buff off any residue," says Azoury. Rinse off the mixture with warm water afterward and voila! A squeaky-clean tub.

3. Use essential oils to polish furniture.

Woman cleaning furniture, hazardous thing in home

No furniture polish on hand? No problem!

According to Jane Wilson of Fantastic Cleaners Melbourne, essential oils are great for freshening up wood furniture.

"You can use lemon essential oil to quickly polish any dark wood and effectively clean stains and spots." Wilson also notes that tea tree oil is another effective furniture polish and has the added benefit of being a bug deterrent. However, she cautions against using this trick of food preparation surfaces, as many essential oils are not safe for consumption. 

4. Remove small scratches on furniture with toothpaste.

toothpaste DIY home hacks

We all end up with small scratches on the finishes of our furniture from time to time. However, before you go spending hundreds of dollars to get your couch refinished, try using some toothpaste to get those marks out. Using a pea-sized amount of non-gel paste, rub the scratch in a circular motion until it buffs out, and then clean the remainder with a damp towel.

5. Remove candle wax from the furniture with ice cubes.

Melting Candle

If you ever spill candle wax on a piece of furniture, don't risk ruining its finish by trying to scrape it off. Instead, fill a plastic bag with ice cubes, place it over the wax, and let it sit for a few minutes. Once the wax has sufficiently cooled and hardened, you can pick it up easily without ruining your furniture's finish or fabric.

6. And get it out of the carpet with a steam iron.

red candle on shag carpet, things you shouldn't store in your basement

Spilled some hot wax on your shaggy carpet? No problem! Just put a paper bag over the wax and lightly go over the area with a steam iron. The steam will help lift the wax from the carpet and cause it to cling to the bag instead.

7. Use a hairdryer to get crayon marks off the walls.

Blow Dryer old beauty products
If your kids like to use your white walls as their personal crayon canvas, all hope is not lost. Simply heat the offending portion of the wall with a hairdryer for a few seconds to soften the crayon's wax and then wipe any marks away with a soft cloth.

8. Use cooking oil to get rid of sticky label residue.

sticker on honey jar, diy hacks

Anyone who's ever peeled a label off of a jar knows how frustrating it can be when the spot remains as sticky as honey. Thankfully, cooking oil makes it easy as pie to get rid of that residue. Using a cotton pad and some cooking oil, rub the sticky area and let it sit for a few minutes. Once the oil has sunk in, it'll wipe away easily.

9. Use vinegar to get odors out of your microwave.

microwave on store shelf

If your microwave is smelling less than fresh, there's a simple way to get it clean and odor-free without using harsh chemicals.

"Just place a bowl of vinegar in the microwave for around five minutes and simply wipe it afterward," says Wilson.

10. Or use it to get your surfaces streak-free.

young happy black man cleaning bathroom mirror

Make those spotty mirrors and windows a thing of the past by using white vinegar in place of your usual ammonia-based cleaning fluid.

"Make a quick solution from cold water and white vinegar, spray it on the area, and wipe with a clean microfiber cloth,"


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September 14, 2020