Diffusers or Candles, what is your choice?

Diffusers or Candles, what is your choice?

Essential Oil Diffuser

Diffusers are built to bring essential oil blends to indoor spaces, diffusers will help you access more strength, focus, peace of mind and relax.

They are affordable, soothing and safe, oil diffusers are gaining popularity with people everywhere because of their comprehensive benefits. Oil diffusers work by a basic method of oil spraying, which then spreads across a living room. Diffused oil can have many relaxation and health-related benefits, including a healthy fragrance of dispersion, mosquito and mold protection, stress relief, and more!

Bamford Essential Oil Diffusers  

Reasons to Use an Essential Oil Diffuser

The use of the essential oil diffuser helps you to access all the advantages of essential oils. The application of heat to essential oils will denature many of the most significant compounds, so you are only diffusing oils for fragrance and not for more beneficial purposes. That is why we recommend always use a diffuser that does not rely on heat to force out the smell. Heat diffusers are not as effective as fan diffusers, nebulizing diffusers, evaporative diffusers, and ultrasonic diffusers.

These last two varieties can deliver a consistent fog of essential oils to a space that can make you feel relaxed, uplifted, confident, energized, creative and motivated, among others, depending on the type of oil you choose!


Candles are known for their calming, therapeutic qualities and are often used by practitioners, such as massage therapists, to create a relaxing environment in their treatment rooms. The sheer act of lighting a candle, its lovely flicker and the soft glow it creates, helps relax and soothe the mind. Give it a try the next time you have a stressful day: light the candle, watch the flame and just relax for a few minutes – just 60 seconds will make a huge difference.

Aromatherapy candles will make you relax, feel relaxed and energized, and encourage the brain to become more productive. Lavender candles help to calm your mind and alleviate tension. Eucalyptus candles energize and enhance concentration. Lemon candles are also energizing and can alleviate anxiety and depression.

Malin+Goetz Natural Wax Candles

Reasons to Use Candles

For fun and for passion. If you're lighting candles on a cake or setting up a cozy candlelit dinner to celebrate your birthday with another, candles are a perfect way to celebrate occasions such as birthdays, marriages, birthdays, graduations, retirement and more.

Burning candles can be beneficial to your wellbeing. Part of leading a balanced lifestyle is self-care and mind-care: lighting candles will provide the ideal environment for relaxation and a sense of well-being. When you ever feel shrouded in terror or are nervous, burning candles will help with anxiety. Some health benefits are even more direct: ear candles are used to get rid of earwax buildup. Not all candles are created equal: certain candles can actually be hazardous to your health. We recommend candles made with natural wax, like soy or bee wax.

For decoration: candles are a trendy way to give a finishing touch to every space in your yacht. Bathroom candles offer a spa-like escape, strategically placed candles in the living room make it comfortable and peaceful. And candles at the centerpiece of the dining room table bring intimate candlelit dinners within control.

Now that we've outlined some of the reasons why you should include essential oil diffusers or natural wax candles on your yacht, it's up to you as Chief Stew to decide which one best suits your intentions. If you need help deciding which brand or fragrance to choose, you can always contact us by email:

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