Dussendorf Boot 2020 nominees for the Ocean Tribute Award

Dussendorf Boot 2020 nominees for the Ocean Tribute Award

Dussendorf Boot 2020 nominees for the Ocean Tribute Award

Look at the alphabetically listed projects and inform yourself about the special goals and ideas of the marine protection organizations. In January the winner will be announced and will receive € 20,000 to support his project!


Project summary:
An italian superyacht builder and a sustainable solutions company together for introducing a new way of building for the future
If you win: All will be invested in the B-project and official nautical certifications

To the website of B-Project

NextWave Plastics

Project summary: NextWave Plastics is an industry-led collaboration aiming to keep plastic in our economy and out of the ocean.
If you win: To fund a university fellowship that will measure our initiative’s impact on ocean plastic pollution and inform future priorities for the initiative.

To the website of NextWave

Ocean College

Project summary: Ocean College transfers school lessons for the participating students for six months and 11,000 nautical miles to the Atlantic and 12 countries.
If you win: The whole of the prize money would be used for student grants.

To the website of Ocean College

Polli and the Plastic

Project summary: Change pursues the objective with intuitive workshops to influence future generations to combat today’s environmental problems.
If you win: we would like to extend Polli and the Plastic beyond the German borders to children in Europe. Concrete plans are already in place.

To the website of Change

Sea Women of Melanesia

Project summary: 
Melanesian women are trained in scuba diving and marine biology survey techniques so they can setup marine reserves on their traditional reefs.
If you win: Training another 20 women to be Reef Guardians for their local communities

To the website of Coral Sea Foundation