How to cut a cigar like a pro

How to cut a cigar like a pro

How to cut a cigar

First, using your cigar cutter or a guillotine, make a deft cut or opening at the head of the cigar – the closed end.
When cutting a cigar, if you cut too far below the seam, the entire cigar could unravel, so be careful where you make your cut.

Before you light it, put the cigar ask the smoker to take a draw through it. It should draw smoothly. If not, it is too tightly rolled (in which case you should get a new cigar, because things won’t get better) or try making a slightly larger cut to admit more air. But again, don’t cut too far down because you don’t want the wrapper to come off.

How to light a cigar

Whether using a wooden (not cardboard) match, butane lighter, or cedar spill, the lighting ritual is the same. It starts with toasting the foot of the cigar to prepare it for lighting. With the cigar at a 45-degree angle, hold the tip of the flame directly underneath the foot, or tuck the end, of the cigar. Never let the flame touch the tobacco and risk charing that beautiful (and expensive!) wrapper. 

The tip is the hottest part of the flame, and you want to toast the open end of the filler leaves to dry them out (remember, your cigar has been – or should have been – humidified). This will prepare the tobacco to more readily accept the flame when you light the cigar.

Gently rotate the cigar as you toast it. Be sure to get the entire circumference smoldering. Some people – especially cigar sommeliers – will continue this procedure until the end of the cigar is completely glowing and sometimes bursts into a flame of its own accord.

How to light a cigar with cedar planks

Within a cigar factory, cigars are aged in rooms lined with fragrant Spanish cedar to maximize their aroma because the smell of cedar blends well with tobacco. Cedar also helps to retain moisture.

This is why many manufacturers place thin sheets of cedar inside of their cigar boxes. To create a cedar spill, simply snap or cut a thin strip of cedar from the sheet to participate in this time-honored ritual. Light the spill and use the flame from the spill to light your cigar. When lighting a cigar, cedar spills will impart an extra measure of spice to your initial puffs and will also make you look like a seasoned pro.

We hope these tips will help you during your job and remember practice makes the master.