Interview with MH Boutique Director

Interview with MH Boutique Director

How did you start with MH Boutique?

In 2002 BVLGARI contacted our Moncada Yachts offices in Montenapoleone-Milano; they were doing a market search to introduce the brand into yachting. We had several meetings creating a beautiful project with them and we decided to take charge of developing it ourselves. Thus, in 2003 we opened our Moncada Hispania operations office in Palma de Mallorca to act as the exclusive distributor of Bvlgari in the yachting market worldwide. At that time there were no yacht amenity distributors so we were the pioneers.

When did you decide to go into the ecological concept?

Ecological concern has always existed within the Moncada Group. The Moncada di Paternò family from Sicily has always been closely linked to the sea and as good Sicilians also to the countryside. They founded Moncada Yachts in 1963 with a philosophy of Slow Yachting that they maintain to this day. The Moncada Hispania division decided in 2014 to start a search for ecological products for yachts. It was not easy at all because in addition to being eco-friendly, the products would have to meet the luxury standards that our customers are used to. I'm not lying if I tell you that we test and follow the evolution of more than 30 brands from different countries. In the end, taking the leap to offer only brands whose philosophy has respect for the environment was a logical consequence of the Moncada principles.

What eco-friendly brands do you offer to yachts?

When we started searching for an eco brand for yachts many people told me I was crazy. I even remember a top manager of a super luxury brand telling me “Alex, luxury and ecology do not go hand in hand”; that hurt me because I was sure it wasn't like that. And then we meet who is our flag brand, BAMFORD, with them it was love at first sight. It is a brand with an incredible history. Bamford is the palpable proof that I was right, a product can be 100% eco and very luxurious. Another brand we represent is Malin+Goetz, they are very trendy and committed to apothecary products as they were centuries ago but taken to the maximum of design, they are fresh, fun, natural and with a touch of eccentricity that makes Malin+Goetz a brand for the future. Eco solar products are difficult to find because, due to their very composition, today we know that they damage the coral of the seabed, but with KORRES, our third brand, we have found products free of Octocrylenes that respect corals. KORRES is a Greek brand and they were pioneers of homeopathic cosmetics at the end of the 80s. Finally there is our daughter MaMa who is a personal bet and we have recently launched sustainable accessories, for now we have released some beautiful bamboo brushes with a very cool design.

What are the company's values and how do those values reflect on your business?

When we began our journey and transformation, the first thing was to create a Manifesto of who we are, what we believe in and what we seek. If you want to know our values, it is best that you read it 

• We believe that our heritage allows us to create a more ethical company.

• We believe in sustainability

• We believe "the arts" is the most honest way to express inner beliefs

• We believe that diversity creates a better community

• We believe the essence of luxury is not the vessel itself but its contents

• We believe we can achieve great things when surrounded by like-minded people

• We believe that the best way to educate our children is to travel with them

• We believe in the sea as the main source of life for our planet

• We believe in karma so be good

• We believe Mondays should be as fun as Fridays

• We believe in the extraordinary power of dreams to change the world

• We believe in… You

How would you describe the future of sustainability in the yacht industry?

There is no way back. At first the skeptics thought it would be a passing fad, but nowadays more and more people are becoming aware that we have to take care of what we have if we want it to take care of us. See that even shipyards today build yachts to eco-friendly standards, from the types of propulsion to the paints they use for the hull. Poc-a-poc as they say in Mallorca, it is not a change that we will see from one day to the next; but it's happening and people are happy with it. In the end, luxury and ecology can walk hand in hand.