Summer season is here!

Summer season is here!


Yachting summer season 2016 in the Mediterranean is nearly to start. If you work in the yachting industry as part of a superyacht crew, those should be very busy months preparing everything on board for the upcoming season. We are aware that there are lots of things to do, to have the yacht in optimal conditions to host guests on board and make them feel as comfortable as possible.

Moncada Boutique wants to help you facilitating your job when providing your guests the most luxurious experience thanks to our Bvlgari toiletries.  As the worldwide exclusive distributor in yachting since 2003, Moncada has been providing Bvlgari toiletries to the most amazing and luxurious yachts all over the world.

From the initial Green tea fragrance till the newest Blue Tea, there have been many novelties: different packings, sizes, fragrances, new products... everything thought to improve the quality of the product, but keeping always the same luxurious essence.

All Eau Parfumée fragrances are conceived for both, men and women, searching for pure bliss and unique moments.

Green tea was the first Bvlgari Eau Parfumée fragrance, inviting guests to experience sensations of pure and immediate well-being through simple, everyday rituals and gestures. As the first fragrance, green tea has been the one that has shown more changes since its launch, even there have been products that have been unchanged over the years, like the round green tea glycerin soap that is still available this season.

White tea was the second fragrance launched, it was also available in the old tubes line and has had some design modifications. White tea is conceived to provide guests a deep relaxation within precious luxury moments.

A few years ago, coinciding with the Red Tea launch, Bvlgari decided to change the design of the toiletries, the tubes where replaced by brighter bottles that were also ecofriendly. The new Red tea line was meant to create an absolute indulgence experience, conveying the warmth and fullness of sensual pleasure.

The last member added to the Bvlgari Tea Family, has been Blue Tea, that brought also a new presentation of the Bvlgari Eau Parfumée family, just a subtle change from silver to gold. With Eau Parfumée au Thé Bleu guests will discover a renaissance for the body and the mind.

Apart from this. Bvlgari has other products to complete it's offer, products such as shaving gel, hand cream, lip balm, eye mask... are also available for your guests. Even ancillaries were discontinued by the Italian brand a couple of years ago, our boutique started a research to continue offering his clients the most suitable products keeping Bvlgari quality, elegance and style. The result of that research was Cocooning which completes any of the Bvlgari Eau Parfumée fragrances.

During this month of May, Moncada Hispania Boutique  is giving  Free Shipping to all orders over 1.000€ delivered in EEC except Monaco. That free shipping is not applicable for express services orders. Do not miss that opportunity to get your Bvlgari products on board your yacht!

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