The new family member. Is a boy!!!

The new family member. Is a boy!!!

Moncada Hispania Boutique is really proud to present you the new family member, and it´s a boy! Our Bvlgari guest collection family has been enlarged with the blue tea which has been  signed by the master-perfumer Daniela Andrier, who is also the perfumer of Le Gemme.

Daniela Was born in Heidelberg, she first studied philosophy, but then decided to continue her career in perfume. It was in 1989 when she entered into Givaudan Fine Fragrance School in Grasse, later in 1981 she joined their fine fragrances team in Paris , experiencing some of her greatest successes. Even she has worked for some of the most prestigious perfume brands in the world, for her, the last collaboration with Bvlgari to create Le Gemme , an exclusive range of perfumes inspired by six gemstones, has been nothing short of magical.

When Bvlgari proposed her to embark this project, she get very interested in making fragrances inspired by stones. The fragrances were the result of the fascination that the light passing through the gemstones projecting different colors and shadows  cause on her , and that has been  converted into six exclusive fragrances.

In that video she explains the process of the creation of Le Gemme

After that great project, Bvlgari has counted with her to develop the new fragrance for the hotel line collection BLUE TEA, which is an airy luxury eau de cologne from the finest chinese oolong tea. For Eau Parfumeé au The Bleu Daniela get the inspiration by the rare color nuances of its leaves. For her is like a celebration of beauty that time and attention give to ingredients and materials" She also loves the idea of creating a generous fragrance for the soul.

Blue tea range

The first notes of lavender and shiso leaves diffuse a very natural blue and aromatic freshness. One immediately feels a sense of wellness.

The heart is developed around a violet accord, aqueous, that recall the fluidity of a fine oolong tea.  The blue tea accord is finally revealed, delicate and deep, it´s many facets characterized by fullness and harmony.

In the final accord, the lavishly flamboyant Iris envelopes the fragrance with a richness and incomparable comfort enhanced by soft musks.

As the design of the new line is concerned, the new identity codes are inspired by Bvlgari history and experience as a  jeweler, and the gold tea- flower  signature are the emblem of the collection.

As always Moncada Hispania boutique is at your disposal for anything you need regarding the new line. Do not hesitate to contact us at