What's next after the Mediterranean Season?

What's next after the Mediterranean Season?

Getting ready for the winter season

Definitely this has been the most unusual yacht season ever. Not only for the exceptional situation of the COVID, but also for the late start and the early ending. So, what's up for the following months? Whether you are still in the urge to find a job or not, we have some ideas for you to do during the upcoming winter. Check it out!

Housekeeping in a private villa or resort

In the wintertime, many luxury villas and resorts are recruiting personnel. You can apply for different positions: as a household manager, host(ess), babysitting or nanny, and also as a personal assistant.

Practice your other passion

If you are also a personal trainer, yoga teacher, diving instructor, or Spanish teacher, for example, you can try to get back to your other passion during a period of time.

Caribbean Season

If you still want to be at the sea, remember that once the Mediterranean Season is over, yacht chartering is heading to the Caribbean. Make sure you have all your documentation up to date: visas, resume, references, diplomas, certifications, etc.

Ski Resort

There's a variety of ski jobs in the European Alps, New Zealand, USA and resorts of the world to choose from. These jobs can include chalet staff, chef jobs, ski guides, cooks, maintenance people, managers and ski resort hotel staff. 


You may also want to enjoy your own time and just travel around the world and explore different destinations far away from the ocean up in the mountains or in other locations like the Pacific.

Family and Friends

What a better time to get back home and spend time with your loved ones and keeping up with your friends. You surely miss your family and socializing with your old friends. Take time for yourself.

Learn new skills

It is very important to keep on learning or to specialize in a particular area. That way you will continue growing personally and professionally. You could also learn a new language or a new skill not work-related.

There are some opportunities to stay active after the Mediterranean Season and there are also many other things you can do. Remember to keep yourself healthy, that's body, mind and spirit. The pressures of being a professional seafarer are hard, therefore it is ok if you need a break.